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In the same way as oils ain’t oils, not all V8 Supercar drive experiences are created equal, and the very best V8 Supercar drive experience is available at the Norwell Motorplex and the home of the Gold Coast’s V8 Supercar drive experience has a new home.

The name is new, but that’s because V8 Supercar star Paul Morris decided it was time to clarify exactly what’s on offer at the facility, which is home to the V8 Supercar drive experience.

Norwell Motorplex offers the first and only V8 Supercar drive experience officially endorsed by the V8 Supercar organisation.

While ‘Motorplex’ means a venue for motor racing, the Norwell Motorplex is not just a racetrack – although it does have one. The facility offers a highly regarded defensive driving school, and is a top-level Event venue featuring a conference centre and the V8 Supercar drive experience.

Norwell Motorplex first opened in 1990, as a partnership between racing legend Frank Gardner and Paul Morris’s father, Queensland businessman Terry Morris.

Name Change adds clarity to Norwell Motorplex.

Previously known as the Holden Driving Centre and more recently as the Performance Driving Centre, because of its original reason for being, the $8 million Norwell Motorplex was designed to help drivers really drive, but the founders decided having a top conference centre on site would also be a wise move.

Both are extremely successful, however it’s possible that the most popular offering at the site is the V8 Supercars Official Driving Experience. Norwell Motorplex makes it possible for anyone to experience a true V8 Supercar experience car.

The Gold Coast V8 experience at Norwell Motorplex offers customers their choice of riding in a V8 Supercar experience car with one of the race-winning instructors, or going another step and actually learning to drive a V8 Supercar.

The Norwell Motorplex boasts a 2.1km track which is the ‘playroom’ once customers have had a full briefing on what’s involved in driving their choice of a Ford Falcon or Holden Commodore, as prepared by actual V8 Supercar engineers and mechanics.

Norwell Motorplex offers several different packages allowing would-be race drivers to live their dreams. All packages include tuition and use of race suit and helmet.

Nothing shakes the body like the roar of a V8 Supercar and nothing stirs the soul more than a driving session around a race track, and the Norwell Motorplex allows thrill seekers the ride of their life – or the chance to find out if they could be a V8 Supercar star of the future.

Before anyone takes to the Norwell Motorplex track, they receive a full briefing from the instructors. As part of that training, they will learn skills which, if used sensibly on the open road, will improve their everyday driving.