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If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill and power of Australia’s favourite motorsport category, it’s as simple as thinking ‘V8 Supercars Gold Coast’.

The Norwell Motorplex is V8 Supercars’ Gold Coast HQ literally – owned by long-time V8 Supercar driver, Paul Morris, it’s the home of the V8 Supercars Official Driving Experience, the only V8 Supercar experience officially endorsed by the sport.

Book a session at this V8 Supercars Gold Coast facility and you will be away – either as a passenger for a series of serious hot laps with a professional race driver/instructor, or getting behind the wheel yourself.

The team at the V8 Supercars Gold Coast centre will give you a full briefing on how to handle the car, with tips including correct braking and cornering techniques, and advice on how to get things right on the 2.1km circuit.

Having made your choice from a V8 Holden or Ford, you will hit the track, either to see how it is done, when a professional is behind the wheel or a gentler introduction, as you start putting into practice what you learned in the briefing.

The V8 Supercars Gold Coast team will teach you that speed comes from experience, from being smooth and accurate, and showing mechanical sympathy with the way the car operates.

As you take on board what the professional instructors have to say, you will realise that you can drive fast and safely when you are on a closed circuit.

Depending on what package you have chosen from the range on offer at the V8 Supercars Gold Coast centre, you will be seeing a real difference in the way you drive the circuit, and the more laps you have behind the wheel.

Aside from the racing experience itself, the tips you get from the team at Norwell Motorplex will give you a whole new appreciation of how to handle a car correctly. That’s bound to pay dividends for your safety, and the safety of others on the road, if you take that knowledge back to your own car and use it sensibly.

When booking a session with the V8 Supercars Gold Coast facility, you will need to understand how to drive a manual car to get the most out of your experience.

So, if you have always wanted to drive a V8 Supercar, the easiest way to make your dream come true is to contact the V8 Supercars Gold Coast facility at Norwell.