Norwell Motorplex caters for drivers of all ages and experience levels – from pre-license teenagers through to CAMS race license testing.

For teens, getting their license is a milestone. For parents, it’s an opportunity. At Norwell, with our Defensive Driver training program, we instill the fundamental habits of safe, controlled driving that drivers can build upon for years to come.

Our Defensive Driver training program builds skill and confidence within your new or long-time driver, with an understanding of car control, active driving, and awareness. With Safety in mind, this course includes our Accident Avoidance exercise, Skid Control and ABS Braking exercises. This isn’t just a great experience for your teen – it’s the gift of peace of mind for you.

Students are required to have a valid driver’s license and a minimum of Learners to participate in Defensive Driver Program. Parents must accompany minors upon check-in. The Norwell Motorplex Defensive Driver program is the most fun a teen/ driver can have while learning these important skills.


Norwell Motorplex offers a number of driver training programs – from teens just getting their Learner’s license (and their supervisors), to drivers going to open licenses and experienced drivers looking to sharpen their ability to cope with unexpected situations that can present themselves on our roads.


Defensive Driver Training provides life-saving skills for drivers of all ages and all ability levels. You can never predict what other drivers are going to do, so you need to have appropriate driving skills at your disposal.

Hundreds of fatalities Per Year on Queensland roads are young drivers within their teens

80% of fatalities are Male

2000 young Queenslanders are hospitalised as a result of injury in road accidents

75% of accidents in Queensland are caused by young drivers


We also offer a range of Corporate Fleet and Work Vehicle Programs. From light vehicle operation to accredited off road training, we can provide specialised programs to help organisations meet their work-related road safety obligations. Suitable for the entire family or workforce, all of these programs offer road skills to drivers for those unexpected situations, as well as peace of mind for parents, families and employers alike.


Norwell Motorplex’s Defensive Driver program provides valuable insight and understanding to safe driving practices to enhance your driving ability and safety. This full day program includes both classroom and practical training. The Defensive Driver Program at Norwell Motorplex is a great course for drivers of all ages to improve their skills and prepare for unexpected situations that can present themselves, whether city driving, highway driving or out on the open road. It is the perfect course for those with recently licensed youngsters or indeed the entire family to improve their driving skills and awareness
$ 375
  • Low Participant 3 students per 1 instructor to allow for individual instruction and driving time
  • Seat Time 90%
  • Automatic Vehicle Supplied
  • Education and insight into safe driving principles including biomechanics of driving and steering technique
  • Skidpan-ABS and threshold braking
  • Safe following distances
  • Evasive lane change and recovery demonstration
  • Turntable exercise to demonstrate traction control.
  • Includes morning tea, light lunch and refreshments


Norwell’s Teen Defensive Driving program is for Teens on their L and P plates. This 3 hour course is about correcting Teens attitudes to driving and building their confidence as a new driver. The Norwell Teen Defensive Driving program is the most fun a teen can have while learning these important life skills.

$ 190
  • 3 hour course
  • 3 Teens to 1 instructor
  • 90% seat time
  • For Teens on their Learners and Provisional license
  • Basic vehicle dynamics
  • Situation awareness
  • Car control
  • Skid control
  • Distractions
  • And Accident avoidance
  • Parents must accompany minors upon check-in.


The DriveSafe Corporate Fleet program at Norwell Motorplex provides high level driver safety training for fleet vehicles and is operated by one of Australia’s most experienced driver training operators, Driver Safety Australia. This full day program can be customised to suit your specific organisational requirements and can also be adapted to cover specific work vehicle operational requirements. The course has a focus on enhancing safety practices, especially with trade vehicles that carry additional equipment, such as ladders, tool boxes etc.
  • Low Student to Instructor ratio (3:1) to allow individual instruction and maximise learning experience
  • Focus on work related road safety
  • Enhancing driver awareness and attitude (Driving Sixth Sense)
  • Smoothness – operation of controls, brakes, accelerator and steering, evasive lane change and recovery demonstration
  • Responsiveness – awareness of surroundings and ability to adapt and adjust driving behaviours to changes in conditions and circumstances
  • Increased training format to address issues such as driver attitude and performance


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