A corporate event at Norwell Motorplex is the ultimate day out for your staff, clients, suppliers or just a group of friends.
Our experienced team will tailor every aspect of your corporate day with events that are not only fun, but will improve the driving skills of your attendees.

The Norwell Motorplex can be branded with your logo and messaging and we can create challenges that are in line with your objectives.
Whether it is a half day team-building exercise at the end of a conference or a full day/multi-day event, the Norwell Motorplex team are the experts in creating a thrill a minute experience.

Trophies and prizes can be organised for your event and our catering team can ensure that everyone is well fuelled before, during and after.
Below are some of the challenges that you can partake in – or if you have some ideas of your own – let us know!


Our Norwell Motorplex 4×4 Jeep Experience will test the mettle of your team. It is the ultimate test of driving across multiple terrains and scenarios, with varying degrees of difficulty. Our off-road course has been designed for all types of off-road vehicles and we have a fleet of Jeep 4x4s on-site that can be used for this activity. It’s fun, it’s dirty and a real test! Are you ready?


Who’s the rainmaster in your team? The Norwell Motorplex crew will take you onto our wet skidpan track to really test your skills. It might look easy from the outside, but attacking the wet track – and our challenges through cones and over our turntable – you’ll really need your focus get that fast time!


Ever pictured yourself charging around Mount Panorama on your way to victory at Bathurst? Well, here’s your first step! Norwell Motorplex is the home to the Supercars Official Driving Experience – the only true V8 racing experience in Australia endorsed by the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. For a day you can pretend you are one of the Supercars Superstars – you might even see a familiar face dropping by as well!


Our Slalom Driving Skills Test Challenge will show who is the most precise driver in your team. We present them with a variety of scenarios to test them, including a slalom course (watch out for those cones!), a speed test, who can brake precisely within a small area and many more. Not only is it fun, your team will be learning some valuable driving skills.


Patience, Precision and keeping your eye in is what is needed to win the Motorkhana Challenge! You’ll take our Norwell Motorplex car to a specially designed track with a ball inside a wok. You have to complete the challenge in the fastest time possible – and keep the ball in the wok! You’ll need to balance your competitive forces with your skill to come out on top!


Add an adrenaline-charged element to your Norwell Motorplex corporate event with a Paul Morris Racing Academy short course. Rather than just driving a racecar, the Paul Morris Racing Academy course gives you practical techniques honed by the Bathurst Champion over nearly 40 years of competition. Your race coach will talk you through your data and give you tips on where you can improve – then you can overlay that with other attendees to see who is most likely to make it in the race to the top step of the podium!


Just two inches from the ground, hitting 130kph, karting is the ultimate thrill.

We have a fleet of race-prepared karts with unlimited racing Rotax engines. Two person teams can race against one another through individual qualifying and heat races before the winner team takes all in the team final.

Strategy, pit stops and driver changes all come into place. The winning team is not always the fastest.


“You wouldn’t get in a plane with an inexperienced pilot, so why get in a car with an inexperienced driver?”

Make your staff safer on the road with our DriveSafe Defensive Driver course. You can bring your fleet, utility or company vehicles to do the course to ensure your staff have familiarity while being paired up with one of our experienced driver trainers. The Norwell Motorplex’s Driver Safety courses are suitable for drivers of all ages and experience level – especially from pre-license age and those who rely on driving as their career. At the end of the course, each participant is presented with a DriveSafe Certificate confirming they have taken part. The skills your team learns through the course might just make the difference and avoid them becoming another statistic on our roads.


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